Community - Mentorship Program

WHFAA / Sikorsky Mentorship Partnership


Under the Guidance of WHFAA VP Ed Francis, ’69 (Gridiron Capital, Partner), WHHS and Sikorsky have created a mutually beneficial relationship. The WHHS Students, starting with the football team, but expanding through the campus, are benefitting from the experiences of these young professionals from Sikorsky. Many of whom are barely 5 to 6 years older than our students. They are able to share their life and educational experiences, and give the High School students the benefit of that experience and how it impacts their life choices. In return, the students give the Sikorsky mentors a sense of community. Many of these mentors are young adults, displaced from other areas of the country and in unfamiliar surroundings. Getting involved in the local community enables them to establish roots and helps Sikorsky maintain talent.

Sikorsky Mentors meet with students both during and after school. They have partnered at fundraising events such as the Fill the Helmet Campaign and are regulars at the Friday night home football games.